Junior Congress Calendar

  • 25-Jun (Aughton)

Note: Dates are provisional at this stage.

The Aughton Junior Congress took place on Saturday 12th January 2013 at Aughton St Michael’s Junior School near Ormskirk.

Section Winners


KINGS Ben Scattergood
QUEENS Seth Collinson
ROOKS Miles Davis
KNIGHTS George Raggett
PAWNS Siena Choi


1 Ben Scattergood 4 1st after play-off
2 Fergal Wright 4 2nd after play-off
3 Nugith Jayawarna
Holden Davis 3
Aditya Chakravarty
Mahima Raghavendra
Jack Nolan 2
Thomas Kelly 2
Alex Kitshoff
1 Seth Collinson 4 1st after play-off
2 Lauren Cornwell 4 2nd after play-off
3 Harvey Wright 3
3 Samuel Wood 3
Calvin Robinson 1
Teresita Tapia-Laing 0
1 Miles Davis
2 Maya Shah 4 2nd after play-off
3 Kavin Karthik Velmurugan 4
Samuel Berry 3
Ben Dible
Sam Snead
Sam Davies 1
John Care 1
Roshan Naidoo 1
Haydn Choi 1
1 George Raggett
2 Alexander Barker
3 Eleanor Rowlandson 3
Ben Albrecht 3
Isaac Childs 3
Richard Nelson 2
Louis Melvin 2
Charlotte Melvin 2
Aryan Raj Goel
Ravi Joshua ½
1 Siena Choi 6 1st after play-off
2 Harrison Cox 6 2nd after play-off
3 Ivan Jones 4
3 Samuel Dawson 4
Alexander Jones 3
Harry Chadwick 3
Harry Paterson 3
Isaac Simmonite 3
Manon Power 3
Adam Hulme 3
Jonathan Parkinson Sanz
John Yelland
1 Ben McGrath
2 Oliver Bromley 5
3 Joshua King
3 Jamie Radcliffe
Ethan Taylor 4
Rebecca Duffey
James Segarajasinghe
Bethan Crotty 2
Romilly Startup
Laura Collinson 1

Here are some photographs of the prize winners, courtesy of Pete Edhouse.

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