County Captains for 2015/2016

Open - Mike Conroy

U180 - Bill O'Rourke

U160 - Bill O'Rourke

U140 - Dave Almond

U120 - Dave Thorp

U100 - Steve Crook

This season's county championship matches are underway, with defeats for the Open and U160 teams against our neighbours Yorkshire. These matches took place simultaneously at Heywood on 21st February 2016.

U160 Section

  Lancashire Yorkshire
Board PLAYER grade score score PLAYER grade
1 Pennington, Geoffrey 157 1 0 Patrick, David 158
2 Chapman, P Roger 156 0 1 Round, Jonathan 154
3 Tillotson, Carl A 153 0 1 Johnson, Paul 154
4 Addison, John 133 0 1 Procter, Colin 150
5 Quinn, Kenny 151 1 0 Ashdown, Michael 151
6 Carrington, James 149 0 1 Jones, Rupert 156
7 Tokeley, Rob 148 1 0 Veretennikov, Alexander 144
8 Raynor, Philip N 148 1 0 Boothman, William 150
9 Whitfield, John 141 0 1 Mason, Peter 147
10 O'Rourke, William 144 ½ ½ Grobler, Dave 133
11 Praeger, Harry 143 ½ ½ Mills, David 136
12 Almond, Dave 129 ½ ½ Grice, Alec 130
   total   total  

Report from Lancashire's U160 Captain, Bill O'Rourke

First of all, many thanks to all of you who played today. We lost 5.5-6.5 - and I can't help feeling we were lucky to escape with that!

45 minutes after play started, their board 4 approached me and said "I haven't got an opponent" I looked at where we had designated board 4 and we had a player sat there. "No" he replied  "we swapped the boards around". Anybody care to tell the opposing captain (me), who was running around making sure everybody had food and drink? 

Starting up my mobile (switched off for the match) I saw a message from Steve Ward. His car was on the home drive and would not start. I tried to phone him - constantly engaged. Dashed home, tried to e-mail. When I got through, the RAC was on the car but there was no way Steve was going to make it. Phoned about 5-6 local players asking would they play at last minute, John Addison very thankfully agreed to play. Sadly when he arrived he had only 30 minutes left for 40 moves against his opponent's 2 hours. Even worse, his opponent played quickly (23 moves completed in 17 minutes) and John's flag fell in a much inferior position. 0-1.

My opponent offered me a draw, commenting it was not fair I had lost 40 minutes on the clock. Draw agree in a level position. 0.5-1.5. Harry Praeger offered a draw in a level position on board 11, followed similarly by Dave Almond on board 12, 1.5-2.5.

Things deteriorated from here pretty rapidly. James Carrington's opponent lodged a pawn at d6 that paralysed James' position, soon 1.5-3.5. Roger had missed a tactic that dropped the exchange, his opponent simplified into a won ending, 1.5-4.5. Carl had lost the exchange in a splintered pawns game, his opponent got a monster rook pawn rolling that could not be stopped, 1.5-5.5. 

A very good win from Kenny Quinn momentarily delayed the inevitable. John Whitfield had been involved in a sharp game, the exchange up but his king was caught in the centre and his queen out of play on the kingside. His opponent combined threats from Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight, 2.5-6.5 and Yorkshire had won.

Which was a great pity, Geoff Pennington had uncorked a spectacular interference sacrifice that essentially won queen for bishop and the game, 3.5-6.5. Rob Tokeley excellently combined tactical threats to win piece after piece and his game, 4.5-6.5. Likewise, Phil Raynor had a firm grip in the centre and after a few tactical strokes he had won, 5.5-6.5.

This sadly continued a losing streak against Yorkshire at u160 level that we must prevent lengthening next season!

We have a match against Cumbria in Lancaster in late March that we badly need to blow away some cobwebs before the national stage in May!!