County Captains for 2015/2016

Open - Mike Conroy

U180 - Bill O'Rourke

U160 - Bill O'Rourke

U140 - Dave Almond

U120 - Dave Thorp

U100 - Steve Crook

First of all, the better team won on the day. But it's sad to report that several players who would probably have made the difference were not available for the match.

Held at the comfortable premises of the Lancaster Reform Club, play got underway with Lancashire having about 5 grading points advantage averaged over all boards. Their board one turned up nearly 30 minutes late which seemed to auger well. It didn't!

I had an uneasy feeling early on. Judd Bennett and Steve Fanning had unusually got themselves into very cramped positions, and Steve Murray seemed under a little pressure.

However it was shocks that came from elsewhere. Phil Seery seemed to be working his way to a win when an oversight led to an immediate lost game. Judd Bennett couldn't recover and also lost. A good win from John Beckett restored some belief. A draw from Steve Murray, and then a good win from Jordan Lewis, restored parity at 2½-2½.

Steve Fanning, in his own words, couldn't get going and his opponent played very well to take the point. Woe was compounded when Rob Tokeley's flag fell just as he was about to move into a winning position.

Two down was reduced to 4½-3½ with a win from John Whitfield with some clever endgame tactics. I was able to take a point with some accurate moves and suddenly for the first time there was real hope at 4½-4½. This was squashed almost immediately when Carl Heald had to resign his ending, after looking OK in the early endgame.

Phil Raynor reported he had taken a draw to leave the match at 6-5, which meant only a win from Colin Fisher could draw the match. It wasn't to be, despite Colin willingly trying everything in the ending to try to make the difference.

A good win for Cumbria, a poor performance from us overall (both in the match and with the players not making themselves available for the county) leaves us having to pull out all of the stops, having to beat Yorkshire in the New Year to give us a chance of qualifying for the National Stages.

Bill O'Rourke U160 Captain


Lancashire Cumbria
1 112418D Heald, Carl 158 0 1 Barnes, Stephen 154 106264F
2 118673F Seery, Phillip T 158 0 1 Southernwood, Kevin 153 267784C
3 120471D Tokeley, Rob 156 0 1 Siddall, Dave 149 141575L
4 267786G Lewis, Jordan 155 1 0 Horne, George H 149 112989C
5 269335F Bennett, Judd 153 0 1 McAtear, Lewis 148 227560A
6 176606F O'Rourke, William 151 1 0 Rashleigh, Jonathan 147 231801F
7 149183A Fanning, Stephen M 150 0 1 Gawne, Martin P 147 201047B
8 121556F Whitfield, John 144 1 0 Llewellyn, Alan 144 142739J
9 103923E Murray, Steve 149 ½ ½ McMath, David 136 153163D
10 278755G Beckett, John 147 1 0 Maxwell, Jason 133 267031J
11 110614E Fisher, Colin 146 ½ ½ O'Dowd, Daniel 130 227477C
12 103541B Raynor, Philip N 140 ½ ½ Murdoch, Steve 118 163597K