County Captains for 2012/2013

Open - Mike Conroy

U180 - John Cooper

U160 - Bill O'Rourke

U140 - Dave Almond

U120 - Dave Thorp

U100 - Phil Shaughnessy

This season's county championship matches are underway, with early defeats for the Open and U160 teams against our neighbours Yorkshire. These matches took place simultaneously at Bradford on 22nd February 2015.

Lancashire's U100 team lost 4 - 8 to Kent at Syston, Leicestershire on Saturday 14th June 2014. On the same weekend our U140 team lost a very close match to Hampshire by 7½ - 8½

Lancashire's U180 team faced Surrey in this year's quarter finals with the match played at Syston on Saturday 10th May 2014.  Unfortunately Lancashire lost a close match by a score of 7 - 9.

Lancashire's Open team also lost out to Surrey by a score of 6 - 10 when the teams met in Leicestershire on Saturday 17th May 2014.  On the same day Lancashire's U120 team were beaten 4½ - 7½ by Nottinghamshire.

Lancashire's U160 and U140 teams met their counterparts from Middlesex on Sunday 19th May 2014 at Spondon. Lancashire narrowly won the U140 match while Middlesex were more comfortable winners at U160 level.

Lancashire RoseYorkshire RoseThere has been a rash of Roses battles recently in this season's Northern Counties Chess Union Championships. The results at the various levels were as follows.

We understand that Yorkshire are not entering the U140 competition this season and so Lancashire's team will progress straight through to the national stages.


NCCU U160 Lancashire 8 v 4 Cumbria - Played at the Reform Club Lancaster 09/02/14

lancaster-reform-clubAfter Cumbria's victory last season, it was with some trepidation that we met again. However I felt we had a stronger team this year. Jordan Lewis was the first to finish, with a draw on board 3. Speaking later George said he was happy to get the draw, as he felt Jordan had an advantage in the ending. Roger Chapman weighed in with a nice win to give us a lead, which Paul Bridge doubled quite soon after. 2½-½.